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Our Purpose

This corporation is organized NOT FOR PROFIT and the objects and purposes to be transacted and carried on are:

1. To promote appreciation of all aspects of passenger rail travel including but not limited to the proposed route of the Northern Flyer through Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas; To preserve historical artifacts and information about passenger rail travel and its significance to cultural and economic development; To provide educational information about passenger rail transportation; and To support research and activities that encourage passenger rail travel in and adjacent to the three state region.

2. To operate solely and exclusively as a charitable, scientific, literary and educational organization as designated by Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including for such purposes the acquisition of distributions and grants.

3. To solicit, accept and receive contributions of money, land, stocks, bonds, personal property, grants and other such items of value, from individuals, businesses, foundations, corporations and governmental units to be used by this organization in the furtherance of its purposes.

4. To invest and administer gifts, bequests, devises, and grants made for the foregoing purposes.

Friends of the Northern Flyer Alliance

Track to the Future

Written by Deborah Fischer Stout

The Northern Flyer Alliance, Inc. is an advocate for the reintroduction of passenger rail service from Kansas City, Missouri through Wichita, Kansas to Fort Worth, Texas. NFA is a coalition of 49 cities, six counties, and 19 Chambers of Commerce along the I-35 corridor that have joined together to promote passenger rail service in their communities.  

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